Bing Search

Out of curiosity, I did a quick Bing search on my new fav word: “obsecration.” Of course, what would come up at the top of the search — right below the free online dictionary listing — but “Obsecrations to the Horned” a heavy metal CD/album presumably created in celebration of God’s greatest enemy, the Beast, the fallen angel, Satan. Now, that’s irony.


2 thoughts on “Bing Search

  1. TrickkiJen says:

    No, not presumably. It IS. It’s by a black death-metal band called Merrimack. Don’t google them & bring more traffic to their sites. Whether they are serious or not themselves, they act enough like it that their fans think they are & this is what’s inherently dangerous about bands like this. It’s not “just music” for these people. It’s a way of life & this particular way of life is the most lost & dark a person can get. Most of the fans probably don’t even know what the band is singing & talking about, they just follow along because it’s sonanti-establishment and they are so disenchanted with society they’ll take anything that is this against it, even if it spells their own destruction. It’s quite frightening & I can only hope that they see the light someday.

    • lambskinny says:

      I won’t! I just was amazed that my Bing search brought that to the forefront. To think people pay money to listen to music glorifying the enemy of humankind. Weirdly sad.

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