‘Big Red’ Heart for God

In 1973, I live in Southern Indiana, not more than 45 minutes from the site of the Kentucky Derby. I vaguely recall watching the Derby on television that day — the day Secretariat, the most famous, the greatest racehorse of all time wins the first leg of the Triple Crown. I do not remember my young reaction, whether I cheer or cry or look on with vague misgiving. I say misgiving because I am always fearful for the horse when watching a race.

Today, I watch the film SECRETARIAT and cry. I cry twice — when Big Red wins the Derby and again when he takes the Triple Crown by 31 lengths! And I do pray, “Oh God, to have a heart that big for You!” The soaring emotion I feel here is one I feel occasionally in worship, not usually when lifting my arms during song or even while listening to a pastor tell his sermon; but sometimes when alone — which is difficult to come by in today’s modern, locked church buildings — praying in a pew. The tears stream, and I can’t stop them.

Today, my heart feels like it is bursting in my chest. I want to run that fast for You, O Lord. Oh to be a Secretariat!


5 thoughts on “‘Big Red’ Heart for God

  1. Daniel says:

    I watched this movie with my daughter not too long ago. A good film.

    • lambskinny says:

      Hello Daniel,
      Yes, the movie SECRETARIAT is good, but the horse himself was my focus, of course. Secretariat’s heart for running his race, for giving all he possibly could give is what I find so inspiring.
      I pray that I may be even 1/2 as committed to Jesus as that horse was to his races.
      My heart is big for God, but not as big as Secretariat’s.
      Thanks, Carley

  2. Debbie says:

    I, too, want to have a “big red heart for God”. Great analogy, Carley!

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