Understand Already?

I have a person in my immediate family with whom I find it difficult to communicate at times. Occasionally, this person appears to be downright contrary, saying the opposite of what he might usually say. And then, this contrariness — if that’s what it is — appears very deliberate. At those times — well, most of those times — I accept that my perception is incorrect; and I remain open to the difficulty we have in communication. I see it as the barrier it is, and hold no blame on him or on myself.

Other times — not many times now that I am older and he is older — I lose objectivity; and find myself angry at him and even angrier at myself for not being able to communicate a simple message — well, a message which seems simple to me!

And, I see myself — slightly from the outside looking in — as a crazy person yelling at this wonderful person in my life, trying to get him to understand me. All I accomplish is hurting his feelings, and damaging my relationship with him and my relationship with God.

Jesus tells me that the way I treat this wonderful person I can see and love face to face reflects the way I love Him, the God I cannot see.

Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for my lack of patience, my impulsive anger, and my loss of objectivity. Help me to communicate always in kindness with those I love, those I am especially capable of hurting because they love me too. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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