Keeping God (by Carley Evans)

Driving by Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, I speak — to those in the car with me — of the blessed sacrament displayed in an antechamber to the right of the sanctuary, of how the ‘host’ is never left alone, because Jesus is believed — by many — to be present wholly in the wafer displayed in a gold circle on an intricately carved stand — this wafer having been blessed by a priest and so transformed from bread to body of Christ. And of course, as the actual body of Christ, the ‘host’ may not be left alone because God can’t be left alone in a gold circle on a stand unless the wafer is locked away in a cabinet behind the altar. Volunteers, therefore, sit with the ‘host’ usually for an hour at a time 24/7. I’ve kept watch — yes, as a non-Roman Catholic — while others, usually women, come into the antechamber and fall onto the floor before the ‘host’ to cry or pray or worship the God kept there.

If you are not Roman Catholic and have not been to high mass, then you may not realize the intricacies — the complications of the wafer and the wine becoming the actual body and blood of our Lord. The priest must wipe the chalice of all traces of the wine become blood — the wafer crumbs which are now flesh must be gathered together to be consumed by the priest. Any trace of Jesus must be taken care of, so to speak.

If in your mind, this sounds somewhat ridiculous and even a bit cannibalistic, it is!

However, today as we drive by, I also imagine — quite suddenly — how confining for God to be kept locked in a small cabinet in an antechamber of a building, even a building dedicated to Him. How disturbing to be kept for people to visit for a few minutes or a few hours. And, in my mind, I hear God say, “Sorry you guys, I gotta get outta here!”

God makes tracks! He is never confined.


5 thoughts on “Keeping God (by Carley Evans)

  1. mtsweat says:

    Wow! I never knew the ‘intricacies’ that were involved. And while you stated, ‘it is,’ I can’t help but consider how little importance we over on the protestant side place on this monumental event. If the Lord’s Supper is observed during the evening service, a great percentage of the congregation will not show up… it’s just not that important to them. We are a people resigned to extremes, aren’t we? God bless Carley.

  2. lambskinny says:

    As I stated in another post — here or perhaps on GRACE PARTAKERS, the only ‘communion’ with any real emotional impact for me is the Eucharistic Celebration of the Roman Catholic church. That I receive the Eucharist offends some Roman Catholics, but for me — when Christ is offered, how can I refuse Him? He is fully present in the wafer and wine — even if these elements are not fully transformed into His actual body and blood. I have a great respect for persons who follow Jesus, even if I don’t agree with everything they believe. As Paul says, don’t argue over uncertain issues. God bless you, M.T. Carley

  3. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Today’s Poetry. Glad you like my post. God bless.

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