Who Is Going To Hell? (by Carley Evans)

People seem determined to pronounce someone as condemned to the “lake of fire.” Some Christians believe they can see inside a person’s heart by looking at the outside — God says not to judge by appearances — but He also says you can know people by the fruits they produce. So, who is going to hell anyway?

Saul knew the scriptures better than anyone of his day. He persecuted the early church body diligently, fully believing Christians were evil and ‘going to hell.’ Any Christian of that day — looking at Saul from the outside — would have certainly condemned him to the “lake of fire.” But we know, looking backwards in time, that Saul converted to Christianity and now resides in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ, his brother and his God.

An encounter with Jesus along a road made all the difference. And yes, Saul’s appearance changed. His outside began, almost immediately, to reflect the inside transformation.

Nevertheless, God does not call us to condemn one another. Each servant of God stands because of God, because God is fully capable to make His servants stand. And those who deny Him; those who vocally state, “No, Jesus is not the Lord God” or say like a recent commenter “Jesus is a sun god”; these people are those we who call ourselves Christian should pray for. Praying for someone’s salvation is not condemning them to hell; it is inviting their soul to paradise.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Going To Hell? (by Carley Evans)

  1. mtsweat says:

    Interesting that you publish this now Carley. I am trying to work my way through Francis Chan’s “Erasing Hell.” It is excellent by the way. You are dead on… our responsibility is to share the Good News, and let God work where He chooses. Thanks you for a very clear post presenting just that… and our desperate need to go to our knees in prayer. God Bless

    This response made me curious… it’s obvious you are well read, what do you read? Do you have a NOOK?

    • lambskinny says:

      M.T. –

      I have a Kindle. Right now, I am slowly — ever so slowly — reading THINK: THE LIFE OF THE MIND… by John Piper.

      However, when I was younger, the major influences on me were W. Pink, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones; well besides the Bible itself. I read only the King James as a child, beginning around the age of 10. Later, I discovered the New English Bible which is fantastic; now I really do like every version — each opens my mind to something fresh in God’s Word.

      To be fully honest, my two favorite writers — when I was a teenager anyway — were: Ray Bradbury (still one of my favs) and Hermann Hesse.

      And thank you for your kind comments!


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