An Enemy Did This ( by Carley Evans )

An enemy comes to a field — at night on the sly — to sow weeds among seeds of wheat planted by the owner during the daytime.

When weeds sprout among the grain, the man’s slaves are distressed. They want to know how this happened. The man knows. He tells them, “An enemy did this!” (Matthew 13:28, HCSB)

His slaves want to root out the weeds. But the man says, “No.” He knows that as they gather the weeds they may also “uproot the wheat with them.” (Matthew 13:29) He tells his slaves to allow both the weeds and the wheat to grow up together.

“At harvest time,” he says, “I’ll tell the reapers: Gather the weeds first and tie them in bundles to burn them, but store the wheat in my barn.” (Matthew 13:29-30)

Wheat, I gather, grows just fine even when surrounded by weeds, so if the enemy’s strategy is to harm, hamper, or even destroy the good seed, he fails.  The owner of the field isn’t worried about the weeds. Rather, he doesn’t want to risk damaging or losing his wheat crop just to eliminate the enemy’s sown junk. Rather, he allows the bad to grow along with the good. Once the harvest is ready, then he plans to gather the bad first for burning all at once. Then he will store the fully grown wheat in his barn.

Father God, let us not worry about the evil surrounding us. Rather, allow us Your peace. Help us to realize we are sealed by Your Holy Spirit for eternal life, now as well as after Your great harvest. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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