Versatile Bloggers ( by Carley Evans)

I’ve been nominated — today! — for the Versatile Blogger Award. I apologize, Jeff, that I don’t know how to make your name a link to your blog. I’ll put your blog title and link in my blogrolls; that’s about the best I can do. And I will make a point of reading your work!

Jeff nominated me for GRACE PARTAKERS which is my other blog. I directed him to this one, and he’s just subscribed. Thanks so much, Jeff!

I find this award heartening! I am so proud — yes, I know pride goes before that big fall — that I made a little Gravatar image with “VERSATILE BLOGGER” to put on the footers of ‘obsecrations’ and GRACE PARTAKERS. I wish someone would create one of those cool, cute buttons for the award. How fun that would be to give out along with the nominations!

At any rate, now I am supposed to select 15 bloggers I follow, and nominate them or just present them with this award. Again, I am at a loss as to how to make their blogs show up as links here. Someone should tell me how to do this; I actually thought I knew, but no such luck.

Off the top of my head, I immediately think of RESTING IN HIS GRACE — by M.T. Sweat. I love Pot Pie.

TWO MINUTES OF GRACE by Debbie Branson also comes to mind.

SUMMATHETES by Brian. I’ve been following this blog for several years now.

THINKING OUT LOUD by Jim Thornber.


For now, these are the 5 bloggers I want to recognize — never been one to conform.

As for the 7 things about me — that’s another post. Again, thanks Jeff for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.


One thought on “Versatile Bloggers ( by Carley Evans)

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks so much, Patricia! God bless.

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