Someone Explain ( by Carley Evans )

Outside in the rain just now, I wondered again why on the internet, Christians easily ‘speak’ of Jesus without any qualms? Yet, why it is that when I go to church, sit in the pew or on the modern conference chair, speak to those around me, later stand in the foyer [or lobby if it is a theatre-church] — why is it that no one speaks about the most important person in my life — Jesus.? Instead the conversation drifts to the movie seen last night, or the neighbor who plays that horrid loud music, or the boss that doesn’t understand, or the child who resists everything just to resist everything? Conversation? Actually, most of the time the talk is more akin to gossip. Why is it, if we are going to speak of Jesus at church, we have to join a ‘life group?’

How is it we claim that Jesus is the most important person in our lives, but we never talk of Him?


7 thoughts on “Someone Explain ( by Carley Evans )

  1. mtsweat says:

    Gripping observation Carley. Could it be the difference between socializing and true Christian fellowship? You have touched my conscience with this one… I think I will be more deliberate in ensuring Jesus is the primary topic of my conversations when gathering with the brethren in the future. Thanks and God bless.

    • lambskinny says:

      Believe me, M.T. — this one touches my conscience too although I must tell you that in my last church I wanted so much to speak of the Lord or His Word and most of the time, I found people wanted to tell me what they were DOING for the Lord rather than about their relationship with Him. I think for me the loneliest place in the whole world is the church pew. [As an aside, I have to tell you that one of the most socially inviting places in the whole world is a theatre seat (to be fair, this is not true in all theatres) — people who attend stage plays love to talk about the play, the scenery, the actors — it is a sight to see!]

      God bless you, dearest brother. May we all speak of Him who is our lives.

    • lambskinny says:

      Oh I see you’ve changed your Gravatar! I love the raccoon carrying the cat but this is NICE, too. Carley

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