I’ll Call ( by Carley Evans )

Why do people say what they have no intention to do? My least favorite expression is “I’ll call you.” When I was more naïve than I am now, I actually believed that expression. I thought it was true; that my friend meant what she said. Unfortunately, for her, it was akin to asking “How are you?”

Many many people ask “How are you?” without a thought for the answer which may come. Perhaps the person asked this rhetorical question is sick, dying, lonely, lost, poor, hungry. The words fly out our mouths without care; sometimes we are on the move and have no intention of waiting for the response. We are likely long gone as the answer chases us. Some answers we don’t want to hear; those answers chase us away.

Jesus says, “I tell you this: anything you do for one of My brothers here, however humble, you do for Me.” (Matthew 25:40, NEB)

Lord, let the words of my mouth as well as the meditations of my heart be thoughtful and true. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



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