The New Man Forever ( by Carley Evans )

Bear with me — the following is pure speculation. To some extent this is my understanding of the fall of mankind:

Oddly enough, Eve ate the forbidden fruit first because she was deceived by the serpent. On the other hand, Adam was not deceived. He apparently preferred to please his wife over pleasing God.  In this manner, he sinned. When he did, his very DNA — his genetic make-up was altered. His entire nature changed — he suddenly had what Paul refers to as the sinful nature. Did the same happen to Eve? Something happened to her — her childbearing became painful and her relationship with Adam changed. Her DNA was altered, yes, but was it altered in the same way as Adam’s?

Roman Catholics, as I understand their traditional belief system, say that Mary, the mother of God, had to have been conceived immaculately — as was Jesus — in order to keep her baby from inheriting the sinful nature from His earthy mother. Today, it occurred to me that perhaps the sinful nature is carried on the Y chromosome and not on the X chromosome. Perhaps the sinful nature is inherited through Adam only, and not through Eve at all. The Word of God implies this interpretation could be true. Our sinful nature is always described as ‘the old man.’ Paul writes that all people die because of one man’s sin, the sin of Adam.

The first problem, of course, with my argument is that women are condemned as well as men. The second problem with my argument — and with that of the Roman Catholic Church — is Mary’s life resulted from the joining of Y and X chromosomes, so she had a sinful nature as much as the next person. Perhaps Mary was only a receptacle with the Holy Spirit providing both the sperm and ovum, so to speak. Therefore, Jesus was born without original sin as the new man.

Like I said, this is pure speculation. And may not be of any value to you, the reader. But the fall defines us completely — explains our separation from God, our eternal torment without the intervention of Jesus Christ. That the sinful nature is a very bizarre concept to many intellectuals naturally leads me to ponder. As long as I recognize I am speculating, I feel relatively safe. The key factor is that the change in our DNA makes perfect sense — explaining everything about us. Jesus’ DNA was fundamentally different; as such He was fully human — the perfect human — and fully divine.

At one time, Adam was the perfect human being. He fell into sin, and his nature changed. Jesus had a perfect human nature, and He did not fall into sin. Rather, He withstood temptations and remained perfect; and so is the new man forever.


3 thoughts on “The New Man Forever ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Jeff. This is a post I almost didn’t ‘post.’ God bless.

  2. mtsweat says:

    Interesting Carley. God bless.

    • lambskinny says:

      M.T. – completely speculative and to make two specific points — the fall is at the genetic level; and Mary was not conceived immaculately. Thanks for being so kind. Carley

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