God’s Show ( by Carley Evans )

I’ve watched THOR twice in a movie theater, and twice via rentals  — I paid attention in the theaters, but drifted at home. Nevertheless, the ending credits on the large screen include a montage of images from the Hubble telescope: swirling galaxies, huge colorful nebula, clusters of red giants set to soaring, beautiful music. The camera flies in and out of a myriad of gorgeous space formations I’d love to see firsthand. I nearly cried. The wonder of the universe reflects the glorious creativity of our God. Even if THOR is about aliens who apparently came to earth at some distant point and were worshiped as gods, it doesn’t matter. The beauty at the end is worth the wait. And, of course, I obviously find the rest of the movie entertaining. I mean, I’ve seen it 4 times! I can’t believe I’ve not seen those ending credits at an IMAX!

Still, it’s not THOR I admire; it’s the universe I am in awe of. And way beyond this, I am in total admiration of its Creator. The infinite variety God creates in nature — especially in space — is emotionally overwhelming.

After returning THOR to Redbox, I decided to find a NASA montage of Hubble images. What I discovered online was disappointing to say the least. Whereas Hollywood producers of a commercial film manage to capture the glory of God, NASA manages to create a slide show advertisement for a telescope — a great telescope for sure, but only a telescope. The universe is background; and God not even an afterthought.

I’ll take THOR any day.

Father, thank You that I see You everywhere! Your universe is a wonder; and I so appreciate the glimpse of it I gained through a movie! All praise to You, my God and King. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


2 thoughts on “God’s Show ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Patricia. I appreciate your readership! God bless. Carley

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