Death by Surprise ( by Carley Evans )

Yesterday, almost immediately after merging onto I-26 West towards Asheville, North Carolina my eye caught the wave of an upraised arm of a completely stopped motorcyclist. I yelled at our driver, “they’re stopped!” and once again as I perceived we were still moving forward into the stopped traffic.

We stopped and watched in the rearview mirrors as traffic behind us also stopped. We heard a siren and one after another came the emergency vehicles – first a fire engine, then 5 ambulances, then a police car, and finally 2 wrecker tow trucks with long empty flat-beds. Lastly, a red helicopter landed at the crest of the hill.

Needless to say, people were seriously injured or even killed in this multiple vehicular accident.

Death surprises us.

We do not know when death is coming, except in rare cases. Death usually just shows up unexpectedly. It comes disguised as a long illness sometimes and gives some warning in this way but it still surprises most times.

Today if you hear God’s voice, don’t only hear Him; also heed Him. His invitation is meant for you; and His gift is really only a gift. There’s no catch 22 — His present is free. And any attached strings are easy to handle! Don’t allow death to get the best of you! Give yourself to God when He calls.


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