Be Content ( by Carley Evans )

“Let your manner of life be without covetousness, and be content with such things as you have; for [God] says, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5, KJV)

When I first marry, my husband is in graduate school failing to obtain his master’s degree in hospital administration. Prospects for a good-paying job wane during the first year of our life together. We happily live in a small three-room apartment, buy a little dog and play house for awhile. It is the early 1980s, and the economic recession is hard hitting in central Ohio. He goes ahead to Atlanta, finds a job in a restaurant as a host. I remain behind for three months, working. I discover I am pregnant. We are poor in one way, rich in other ways. We are rich in education; we are poor in money.

I am a believer, but I am fearful. My heart has no trust in God’s provision. When I join my husband in Atlanta, I am actually afraid of starving.

Over the years, my husband repeatedly loses jobs. Fear becomes a taste in my mouth — bitter and always there. Yet, at the same time, I learn God provides. We do not starve. We do move a lot until I return to graduate school myself to obtain my master’s degree. Our last move is for me — I am still at that job.

God provides, not just sometimes but always. I have what I need.

Thank You Father God that You are giving. You provide for our needs. Help us to be content with what we have; and not to covet what we do not have. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


3 thoughts on “Be Content ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Patricia. God bless. Carley

  2. mtsweat says:

    What a great testimony of our God, Carley. In one sense, we are fortunate to live in this nation. But in another sense, we are at a great disadvantage to those who live in nations where only a miracle can provide the next meal. Some people call me insane for that statement, but the Bible calls all believers to live totally dependent on God’s provision. Sometimes, I have to ask myself, is my faith in Jesus Christ, or my bank account, and home, and car, etc… God bless you for always challenging your readers with the truth.

    • lambskinny says:

      I challenge myself Michael! It has taken me a long time to trust God’s provision. Even so – with my daughter in the Big Apple and my son still dependent on me, I daily remind myself God takes care of my needs — not always my wants. Thanks so much! Carley

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