Fish for People? ( by Carley Evans )

Jesus walks along the Sea of Galilee, sees two brothers named Simon and Andrew. He sees them cast their net into the sea; of course, they do this because they are fishermen. Jesus stops momentarily, commands them to follow Him. He tells them something odd. He says, “I will make you fish for people!”

Fish for people? Hard to imagine that Simon and Andrew do not look at each other in bewilderment and wonder. Perhaps they are both aware of who Jesus is. Perhaps not. Perhaps a note of authority in His voice makes them drop their net immediately to follow Him. Certainly something more than curiosity causes them to leave the net behind.

Jesus, Simon and Andrew walk along the Sea of Galilee. Jesus sees two more brothers mending nets with their father, Zebedee. These brothers are James and John; and are also fishermen. Jesus stops. He calls out to the brothers, “Follow Me.” Immediately, the brothers climb out of the boat to leave their father behind.

Now there are five men walking along the Sea of Galilee. One carpenter; four fishermen. The four fishermen walk with little idea of what Jesus means when He tells them again they are fishing for people. As these five men walk throughout Galilee, Jesus preaches the good news about the kingdom of God in all the synagogues, heals every disease and illness among people, and begins to attract huge crowds.

The four fishermen discover a new Father and a new Net: a Father who loves them completely and a Net whose value has little to do with them, a net who needs no mending and is cast anywhere to catch anyone.


4 thoughts on “Fish for People? ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thank you so much, M.T. – God bless!

  2. lambskinny says:

    Thanks BiForever. God bless you. Carley

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