Clear Away the Stones ( by Carley Evans )

The Lord works in mysterious ways, right? I’m sitting here on my couch, thinking primarily — I admit — about my novella and how exciting I find writing it to be. But, I’ve also just written my morning note on Grace Partakers and I was thinking how disappointing it is not to have people flocking to read my blogs — ah, the specter of self-pity!

But, immediately I imagine John the Baptist wandering around out beyond the Jordan River, eating honey and — was it thistles? — wearing animal skins? Sometimes, old movies interfere with reality. I can’t remember.

And, I think maybe I should write about John the Baptist, but I say, “no, he did have people flocking to him, remember silly!” So, I flip through my bible and sure enough, I read:

“Go out, go out through the gates; prepare a way for the people! Build it up, build up the highway; clear away the stones! Raise a banner for the peoples. Look, the Lord proclaims to the ends of the earth, ‘Say to the Daughter Zion: Look, your salvation is coming, His reward is with Him.’ And they are called the Holy People, the Lord’s Redeemed; and you are called Cared For, A City Not Deserted.” (Isaiah 62:10-12, HCSB)

Now, I don’t know how long John wandered around out beyond the Jordan River. But, his life could not have been an easy one. From even before he was born, he knew Jesus having met Him when he was still in his mother’s womb. He grew up, I am certain, knowing exactly the kind of life he would lead, and probably the kind of treachery and death he would face. He knew his role was to decrease while Jesus’ role was to increase.

This is the role many of us — as blogging Christians — have taken: to decrease while Jesus increases. I confess my occasional — maybe frequent — and strong desire for recognition, praise, glory; then I remember Who called me to these little notes in the first place and I defer to Him, the Lord of Glory.

May God receive all the glory for He is worthy all the time.


15 thoughts on “Clear Away the Stones ( by Carley Evans )

  1. I have gone and go through the same thing with blogging. You write your heart out, and then have a handful of people read it. God has kind of taught me the same lesson. “It is not about you. Just write. You don’t know how I will use it. Maybe I just need you to write for your own sake so I can teach you.” Thanks for sharing this. It is nice to know there are other people thinking about this like I am.

    • lambskinny says:

      Ragamuffin Joe, you’re welcome. A friend of mine – a fellow blogger – reminded me awhile back that even if only one person follows your blog, it is worth the effort! And, after all, all of this is for God anyway. He’s the One we are to please! Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Come again! 😀 Carley

  2. I’m so glad I “accidently” found your blog, Carley. I have been working on my website, trying to put the right keywords, etc. so people will find it. It is difficult. You are so right – the glory all goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

  3. lambskinny says:

    Thank you again Outrageous Conditions! I pray for better times in Athens. In Jesus’ Name, amen. Carley

  4. I too go through this very same thing. When I first started blogging, I posted an announcement on my facebook page that I was going to be doing that, and asking for honest, open comments on my writing.

    I have been posting things on facebook for family and friends since I started my blog in July, and the last week or so, there have been no comments whatsoever. I began to wonder why I was bothering.

    But the Lord reminded me that when I was first putting the site together, I put the whole thing in His hands to grow as He saw fit; and like Ragamuffin Joe, He told me it was not about me, that I was writing for Him and to continue. I know He will use it to reach someone at some time, and that is what I pray for.

    The day after I had that ‘talk’ with Him about my continuing, I was told by someone that they really enjoy what I am writing, even though they don’t comment. So I will continue, and leave the results up to Him.

    Thank you for letting us know that we are all the same! And keep us posted on your novel writing. 🙂

  5. SPTP2011 says:

    Wow I feel exactly the same way
    I need to go away and let Jesus increase
    I need to stop looking at the “stats” and continue looking for the status of Jesus
    Prayers for your day and all Christian Bloggers trying to give All the Glory to God

  6. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Susie! Yep that’s the challenge especially when WP keeps asking us to want more traffic! I want lots of traffic but I need to want it for Jesus not for me!

  7. mtsweat says:

    What perfect timing for this post, Carley. I was mulling over ‘traffic’ (looks like many others were also), when I opened your note. Thanks for the encouragement, you’re very right, for His glory… alone. God bless.

    • lambskinny says:

      Michael, this was primarily a reminder to myself, but I am pleased it has touched so many others this morning. Your comment to me awhile back about a blog being “worth it” even if only one person looks forward to reading it was so appreciated. God bless you. God bless us, every one.

      P.S. My novella, METAL MAN WALKING is about a minor league catcher. I have no idea if I’m getting the details right. Hint. Hint.

      Smiling, Carley

  8. Jeff says:

    Funny how many of us have felt this way. And some of you are real “writers.” I’m just a guy who blogs his devotions online. The thing is, my whole purpose for starting to do my devotions in a “diary” or “blog” format (I started on Diaryland), was so that I would be saving them somewhere where they might always be available. I have gotten, at times, caught up in how many readers I get. I still look at my WordPress stats a few times a week. But it’s not about how many. For me, it has become twofold. One, for me to express myself to God. Two, for others to be, perhaps, blessed by what I hear God saying to me through his word and through others.

    By the way…Carley, I can’t wait to read your novella.

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