Dew, Rain, and Young Lions ( by Carley Evans )

Early morning, springtime, dew shimmers on the grass like tiny angels. Mid-afternoon, summer rains fall in waves like translucent bloodstreams. Evening, fall; young lions roam “among the beasts of the forest” “mauling and mangling as [they] go.” (Micah 5:8, NIV)

None of these “wait for man or linger for mankind.” (Micah 5:7) Instead they are “in the midst of many peoples,” and “among the nations.” (Micah 5:8) They are the remnant prepared by the Lord, who says:

“I gather the remnant of My flock out of all the countries where I drove them and bring them back to their pasture, where they can be fruitful and increase in number. I place shepherds over them who tend them, and they are no longer afraid or terrified, nor are any missing.” (Jeremiah 23: 3-4)

“So too, at the present,” writes Paul, “there is a remnant chosen by grace. And if by grace, then it is no longer by works, if it were, grace would no longer be grace.” (Romans 11:5)

As part of God’s remnant, I function as the dew, as the rain shower, and as the young lion : gentle and cooling like dew on the morning grass, sharp and cleansing like the summer rain on a sweltering afternoon, strong and decisive like the young lion with its prey — a prey “no one can rescue.” (Micah 5:8)

Dear Heavenly Father, give me the wisdom to know when and with whom to be the dew, the rain, or the lion. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


4 thoughts on “Dew, Rain, and Young Lions ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Patricia, thank you so much, Carley

  2. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Joyce and Michael.

  3. lambskinny says:

    I’m suddenly thinking I need to be the young lion with myself most often!

  4. lambskinny says:

    Thank you Peace in Heaven.

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