Under the Stairs ( by Carley Evans )

Living in a home with unbelievers is not necessarily as bad as living in the cupboard under the stairs is for Harry Potter. Unbelievers don’t always treat you with contempt or take advantage of your differences like Potter’s aunt and uncle and cousin do to him. Much depends on your family’s own upbringing. For example my parents were raised in Christian homes; my mother even attended Bob Jones University back in the days when the school was openly hostile to both unbelievers and Blacks. My father was raised Methodist while my mother was Southern Baptist. As I grew up, I got a bit of both. God seems to have pressed His finger on my heart from a young age. I remember being aware of His presence early in life.

Under the stairs I find a safe place to read His Word so I might understand Him better. He talks so clearly in His Word, and so indistinctly in places of worship, in shopping malls, in movie theaters, in people. For me, it’s like the difference between looking at the sun and looking at the shadows the sun forms. The shadows do, but I prefer the direct light.

I take my children to a Christmas eve service. We are almost horrified at the opening song. For me, the Lord confirms again this is not a place of worship as much as a social gathering place for Christians. I do not say it is as bad as being stuck under the stairs in a spiritually dark home, but it is not the same as a true place of worship — for me, anyway. The second song is not much better. Eventually, the music shifts to more traditional hymns reflective of Christ’s birth. But the first two leave a sour taste in the mouth of especially my daughter. I am hurt. For some reason, we are here. But I know not why.

I feel very much like I am under the stairs. At least my Bible is with me.


11 thoughts on “Under the Stairs ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Patricia. God bless you, sister. Carley

  2. SPTP2011 says:

    Keep clinging to the Word, Carley
    The Lord will lead you to the place you need to be (worship)
    Sometimes very surprising
    God Bless

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    I guess under the stairs is your own quiet place with God 🙂

  4. Jeff says:

    I wonder, sometimes, what people are thinking when they put Christmas programs together. I’ve always thought that Christmas Eve services should be serene and contemplative. At the least, though, they should be Christ-centered, as should all “worship” services.

  5. mtsweat says:

    Sorry your selection served so disappointing, Carley. We were blessed by the opportunity to participate in a wonderful service on the cruise. There were multiple choices, but we chose to sit and listen to a young lady sing and play piano to some of the classic Christ-honoring songs.

    This thing that we’ve allowed Christmas to become is exactly why we choose to now escape it all and celebrate our Lord away from the mess.

    Amazingly, the people of the Bahamas (although suffering much worse than us from the economic downturn), greeted us constantly with those almost unheard words here, “Merry Christmas!” What a joyful experience.

    Thanks for stating your disappointment, we need to hear this, and realize materialism and worldliness aren’t attractive additions to the joy of Christmas. May the name of Jesus be the center and focus of our lives, Christmas and every other day. God bless.

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