Reflections on Cliches ( by Carley Evans )

Just finished a note for Grace Partakers. When I read it, even though I’d gone ahead and published it, I frankly thought, ‘how trite, cliche.’ Then, I pondered why truths often come off as trite or cliche. Perhaps we’ve heard these truths so many times, they begin to seem ordinary, over-used, bland expressions. (Of course, it’s just as likely my writing style is cliche – but let’s not go there right now.)

The truth that Jesus carries our burdens, and that we both like that He does and resist Him at the same time, is not unimportant or over-stated. Jesus repeatedly tells us He is living water, He is the bread of life, He is the Light of the world, He is come to give us rest from our workload, our struggle, our burdens.

That we resist allowing Him to be these for us is evident as well. Lot’s wife allows God to rescue her from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah then looks back. Her very life is forfeit; there is no one to stand between her and the destruction for which she apparently longs. That we — human beings, that is — are self-destructive is evident in our very existence — drinking to excess, sleeping with anyone and everyone available, screaming at drivers in other cars, stealing under gunpoint, murdering our own children. The et cetera is a long list of infractions against self and others.

Victory in Jesus is simple — allow Him to pick you up. Then, stop struggling. He is the Light; He is Living Water, He is the Bread of Life. He gives you rest. He sets you free.


7 thoughts on “Reflections on Cliches ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Peace in Heaven.

  2. lambskinny says:

    Thank you Patricia and Susie.

  3. mtsweat says:

    So true Carley. This post and its companion at Grace Partakers. We’ve become amazingly successful at being able to articulate the message of Jesus with great accuracy, while never allowing it to captivate our lives. We learn to speak and write and work, but forget that ‘rest’ is the high calling (Hebrews 3,4)! “Be still, and know that I Am God.”

    Happy New Year!

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