Thinking about hell after reading M.T. Sweat’s THE WRATH OF HELL re-blogged here on Obsecrations.
What is hell? Most obviously, hell is separation from God — a separation that lasts eternally. I’ve always believed that people who do not know the Lord are already in hell, a spiritual wasteland.
Is hell a physical punishment? Is heaven a physical reward? The answer to the second question ought to settle the answer to the first question.

Resting in His Grace

Have we done something to make our God angry? Do we find Him described in His Word as poised with sword in hand, ready to destroy us? Is He seen as one taking His vengeance on a traitorous community by casting them into a fiery pit of darkness? Is hell the place of His wrath and judgement?

Or, as some suggest today, is there no eternal place of torment awaiting the enemies of God? If not, what do we make of these points…?

1. The Bible arguably speaks of such a place at least two hundred and forty-four times.

2. Jesus teaches on this topic more than He teaches on heaven or even the love of God.

When Jesus teaches on this topic, He uses terms that seem to suggest there is no end to the punishment for the corrupt. An example can be found in Matthew’s account of the…

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  1. mtsweat says:

    Now who is it that is so kind? 🙂 Thanks Carley, you are a great friend. I look forward to the responses to your questions. It seems there’s a whole host of ideas surrounding this doctrine now. Praise the Lord, in Christ, it’s a non-issue for the believer… but then we have friends, family, co-workers, and billions who have yet to even hear the gospel. God bless.

    • lambskinny says:

      You know it is indeed a non-issue for the believer except that we do need to have some understanding of hell — of course — in order to explain it to those who refuse to understand the concept… The main idea is separation from God which started in the garden of Eden when the angel drove Adam and Eve from paradise.
      From that point on, I believe humans have lived in hell — the man toils, the woman gives birth in pain; human relationships are awry and we no longer see God face to face.
      Hell is so obviously real to me, anyway.
      Thanks again for being my friend…

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