Nine Days ( by Carley Evans )

Holy Spirit

(Photo credit: micmol )

For the past nine days, I’ve seen a marked drop-off in visits to Grace Partakers, and a bit – well, that may be stretching the truth — of an increase here at obsecrations. When things are going along merrily and then suddenly not, I take pause. Have I done something to displease others? Wait. That doesn’t really matter compared to the key question: Have I done something to offend the Holy Spirit? I can’t even imagine going through a full day without offending God’s Holy Spirit here and there, so the critical question: Have I done something to offend the Holy Spirit without confessing it? Yes. I imagine so.

Sometimes, it’s quite obvious what I’ve done to offend. Other times, I’m not so sure. Things that I believe offend Him most include: spiritual pride, arrogance, hatred, self-hatred, envy, jealousy, rage, depression, loneliness. I can almost hear you protest — depression? Loneliness?

I’m going to let that percolate in your own minds for a while before coming back to those ‘sins’ later; perhaps much later.

Oh — please forgive me.


4 thoughts on “Nine Days ( by Carley Evans )

  1. mtsweat says:

    I can’t speak on the behalf of others, Carley, but my absence has been from traveling and a ridiculously busy schedule. Something had to suffer, and unfortunately it was my presence at WP. This I can share… I sure miss it when I can’t visit here and all the sites I frequent. I’m thinking (because while the traveling is over for now, the busy schedule isn’t), I may have to put forth less posts of my own, so I can get the valuable input from here and other places. I enjoy writing, but much more enjoy other’s words (I’m a reader). You and others would probably file a lawsuit against me if you knew how much of your writings I use to prepare for classes I teach. Thanks Carley… and no, you haven’t done anything to offend, friend. God bless your labors here.

    • lambskinny says:

      It hasn’t just been your absence, believe me. I’m talking a major dip. Yet, I continue.
      I have missed you.
      I’m guilty of not visiting other blogs as much as I ought, mainly, I’m afraid due to Versatile Blogger Award and the blog I created to support it and other blogs. This takes up an enormous amount of time, so my visits to the blogs I FOLLOW are less. Hence, the “forgive me” above… well, I always need God’s forgiveness… too.
      Welcome back.
      God bless!

    • lambskinny says:

      PS – I’m just happy you aren’t SICK! I was genuinely concerned! 😉 Carley

  2. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Drusilla and Photos Botos.

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