Brothers ( by Carley Evans )

Hank at 6 weeks… and Robi at 9 weeks… Big brother, little brother.


Let us love one another, and so fulfill the Law of Christ.

After two days of having both dogs in my home, I’ve already seen Hank, the big brother — Hank, who is only 13 months old himself — take an interest in his little brother, Robi in a manner I did not anticipate. After all, Hank has been a member of my family almost his whole life. Robi should be an intrusion.

Yet, I’ve witnessed Hank stand over Robi’s entire body and walk with him — of course, not all the time but here and there. He’s both protecting and educating.

My dogs don’t know — well, intellectually — anything about Christ. But we do!


One thought on “Brothers ( by Carley Evans )

  1. lambskinny says:

    Hey Drusilla. Thanks!

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