Heroes ( by Carley Evans )

In “ESCAPE FROM L.A.” Snake Plissken says, “Nobody draws til this hits the ground.” Three armed men lower their weapons. Snake tosses a rusted tin can into the air, then shoots the three men as the can falls toward the earth. When it strikes the ground, Snake announces to the three dead men, “Draw.”

Cover of John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chron...

Plissken is the ultimate ‘tough guy’ in a world gone berserk with corruption both on the side of ‘good’ and the side of ‘evil.’ Everyone is in it for himself; no one cares for his neighbor. In this world, Snake is the anti-hero hero.

I’m glad Jesus is not an anti-hero hero. I’m glad He doesn’t trick people into putting down their defenses. Rather, He invites people to come to Him just as they are. Hungry? Crippled? Blind? Deaf? Terrorized? For each person who comes, Jesus feeds; Jesus heals.

Jesus is my hero.


3 thoughts on “Heroes ( by Carley Evans )

  1. mtsweat says:

    Amen Carley! We have the same Hero! Praise the Lord!

    I was always a Dirty Harry fan, and when Gran Torino came out, I thought it was so out of character for Clint to die in the final scenes. But after much grueling deliberation with myself, I came to the conclusion that his character in GT much more resembled Jesus’ work than all the spaghetti westerns and Harry movies. In GT, he died to remove evil’s access to his friends… sounds a lot like our hero… Jesus!

    Thanks, good friend.

    • lambskinny says:

      How odd — God’s timing. I just purchased GRAN Torino at WalMart and watched it this Sunday. I cried like a baby, even more this time than the first time I saw it ( in the theatre ).
      Interesting that Clint Eastwood’s character even lands on the grass in a crucifixion pose.
      Blessings, Michael.

    • lambskinny says:

      PS Thanks for “tweeting” my post. Very kind.

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