A Survey ( by Carley Evans )

I got excited this morning when I noticed a ‘certified’ envelope on my couch under a bill I need to pay. I grabbed it. Typed across the front of the envelope were the words: “Do not throw away!” Intrigued, I opened it obediently. After all, the command was “Do not throw away!”

Inside, a letter from the Republican Party.

I’ve been selected to be a representative of my congressional district. Wow! I’ve been asked to fill out a survey. Oh, I’ve seen these before. I got one last fall from the National Rifle Association. That was fun to complete. Most of the questions were: “Don’t you agree…” and had to be answered with a resounding, “No, I don’t agree…”

I sit down, truly excited to give my opinion to the Republicans.

Do I vote regularly? Yes. Do I plan to vote in the fall election? Yes.

Do I plan to vote for: Obama, the Republican candidate, someone else? I plan to vote for Obama.

Do you approve of Obama? Yes, I approve.

What is most important to your family or community right now? Select three. Education, Over-development, Waste of resources. I had to write in the last two.

Which party do you think will better address… and then a long list of such things as environmental issues, foreign policy, taxes, healthcare, education, etc. The three choices: Republican, Democrat, Other.

And my favorites: Do you approve or disapprove of the Democratic Congress? Approve.

Do you approve or disapprove of the Republican Congress? Disapprove.


2 thoughts on “A Survey ( by Carley Evans )

  1. mtsweat says:

    It seems your mind is made up, Carley. I’m thinking you’ll not be receiving any invitations from Fox News. 🙂 On a serious note, the issues our nation faces are much larger than political parties. I’ve resigned myself to pray for our leaders and vote my conscience… then be about my Father’s business. God bless, good friend.

    • lambskinny says:

      Oddly, during the SC primary, Mitt Romney’s super-pacs called me approximately 4 times each evening to solicit my vote the entire week leading up to the voting day.

      The Republican party is convinced I am a member perhaps because my x-husband gave money to the presidential race for “W” and I voted for “W”.

      I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I vote for the individual I feel lead to vote for — sounds like what you do — I vote my conscience. No candidate represents every thing I believe, but I can not be a “one-issue” voter.

      God is in control.
      Blessings, Carley

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