How to sound arrogant without even trying

A typical speed limit sign in the United State...

Friday morning, a police cruiser cruises passes me at a speed considerably above the speed limit. No his lights are not flashing, and his siren is silent. I seethe because he sets a terrible example for young drivers and apparently for the adult drivers who speed right along with him. ( Yes, I recognize the police cruiser may be piloted by a female officer. )

This same morning, a car of some sort rides my bumper with lights set to bright, so bright I can not see to get out of the car’s way. Yes, I am in the fast lane but I am going 5 miles over the speed limit. Obviously, not fast enough. I seethe.

This afternoon, a car slips by me as I come to a full stop at the yellow light turning to red – at the risk of throwing my 2 Bichon Frise dogs to the front seat floor – no big deal except that a car behind me in the other lane speeds through the almost red light. Again no big deal except a large pick-up truck cruising behind that car deliberately runs the now fully red light without hesitation or guilt, no less. I seethe again.

Hard not to feel “holier-than-thou” in these minor, yet not so minor car situations. Obey the law, people. Or, at least pretend a little better!

ANNIE DREAMING is close to completion.

"Metal Man Walking" : a novel


Hopefully my quick read-through and edit doesn’t seem too quick. I’m a determined person. Once I start a writing task, I find it difficult to step away from it until it’s done. My legs bear witness to this – right now, my thighs are numb from being in the same position for so long. I must get up, take a swim, get some blood flowing. No wonder I’ve gained weight!

At any rate, ANNIE DREAMING is done – again.

I’ve uploaded the files, re-worked the cover. Now I wait for CreateSpace to tell me that my proof is ready for review.

Once I’ve reviewed it, I’ll likely step away for a week, peruse the manuscript one more time, then hit “publish.”


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