Telling the truth…

This morning, a white pick-up truck traveling in my direction on a four-lane road, pulled out in front of the car directly in front of me. That car swerved skillfully into the other lane, leaving me to slow down to avoid hitting the truck. The driver of the pick-up started to weave in and out of his lane. I started to pass him, but decided I was safer behind him.

I called the police to report a possible drunk driver as he continued to swerve in and out of his lane, onto the shoulder, etc.

The police asked me all sorts of questions, mostly about my identity. I continued to follow the truck which was taking my usual route to work. By the time we’d traveled five miles, I’d told the police dispatcher the truck’s license plate, the nature of the driving pattern, how the truck had just missed hitting a vehicle passing it on the right. The truck lurched into that car’s lane, then lurched back into mine. I continued to follow at a safe distance.

Then, the police dispatcher thanked me and said she’d send a police cruiser out as soon as feasible. I gathered that would be a while. Then, she asked if I’d like to make a formal complaint against the driver. I said, “Sure.”

Turns out I’d have to come to the police station to do that.

“I’m on my way to work.”

“We can’t come to you.”

“Oh, okay.”

I let it go, although I did consider stopping at a police station I sometimes pass on my way to work. I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop because soon after the truck turned off the main road onto a side street where no policeman would likely locate him, I slowed to allow a pedestrian to cross in front of my car. Instead of continuing at his rapid clip, the man SLOWED down as he strolled across a six lane highway! I started to cry.

I realized that – at that moment anyway – I hated all of humanity.

Some Christians find those big sins most horrid, but I find being irresponsible (drunk driver!) and inconsiderate (rude pedestrian!) abhorrent and damn depressing.


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