A Foolish Partridge in the Wrong Country

Unknown wind farm

The foolish partridge sits on eggs in a nest which does not belong to her – she labours to bring forth fruit that is not her own and so she is a fool.

Yesterday, I listened to Donald Trump on NPR tell the Scots how to manage their energy. He also threatened that if they pursue the clean energy source, they will “go bankrupt.”

Mr. Trump has decided to use his nearly unlimited resources to sue indefinitely the Scottish government to keep wind technology from going up near his new golf course. If he prevails, Mr. Trump will singlehandedly manage to upset an entire country’s pursuit of cleaner energy. Additionally he will tie up taxpayer monies for years while Scots attempt to push this foolish partridge out of its nest.

The heart is perverse above all things, and unsearchable, who can know it?

10 I am the Lord who search the heart and prove the reins: who give to every one according to his way, and according to the fruit of his devices.

11 As the partridge hath hatched eggs which she did not lay: so is he that hath gathered riches, and not by right: in the midst of his days he shall leave them, and in his latter end he shall be a fool. ( Jeremias 17: 9-11, DRA )

Our Schizophrenic Abortion Mentality

I listened with some interest this morning to NPR and later CNN as radio and television newscasters commented on the conviction of an abortion provider for poor and downtrodden pregnant women and girls in somewhere, America. His name is of no importance to me, frankly.

What is important to me is the schizophrenic nature of America’s view of abortion and murder. Somehow we are appalled when a spinal cord is snipped to kill a child the mother of that child came to the abortion clinic to rid herself of. Somehow it’s okay to chemically burn an unborn baby alive as long as the child is out of sight inside the mother’s womb. But let that same unborn baby emerge from the womb and the snipping of the spinal cord with a pair of scissors is suddenly horrendous and murderous.

This makes no sense to me. How is it murder now if it is not murder a few moments before? And how is the mother (or father) of that child not then the murderer?

We are truly schizophrenic. We work to save unborn babies in hospitals while we strive to kill them in abortion clinics.

Like I said, this is far from common sense. Common sense says that a baby – whether wanted and protected or unwanted and unprotected – is still a baby, and as such, has civil rights as promised, but yet to be secured, by the Constitution of the United States.

Telling the truth…

This morning, a white pick-up truck traveling in my direction on a four-lane road, pulled out in front of the car directly in front of me. That car swerved skillfully into the other lane, leaving me to slow down to avoid hitting the truck. The driver of the pick-up started to weave in and out of his lane. I started to pass him, but decided I was safer behind him.

I called the police to report a possible drunk driver as he continued to swerve in and out of his lane, onto the shoulder, etc.

The police asked me all sorts of questions, mostly about my identity. I continued to follow the truck which was taking my usual route to work. By the time we’d traveled five miles, I’d told the police dispatcher the truck’s license plate, the nature of the driving pattern, how the truck had just missed hitting a vehicle passing it on the right. The truck lurched into that car’s lane, then lurched back into mine. I continued to follow at a safe distance.

Then, the police dispatcher thanked me and said she’d send a police cruiser out as soon as feasible. I gathered that would be a while. Then, she asked if I’d like to make a formal complaint against the driver. I said, “Sure.”

Turns out I’d have to come to the police station to do that.

“I’m on my way to work.”

“We can’t come to you.”

“Oh, okay.”

I let it go, although I did consider stopping at a police station I sometimes pass on my way to work. I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop because soon after the truck turned off the main road onto a side street where no policeman would likely locate him, I slowed to allow a pedestrian to cross in front of my car. Instead of continuing at his rapid clip, the man SLOWED down as he strolled across a six lane highway! I started to cry.

I realized that – at that moment anyway – I hated all of humanity.

Some Christians find those big sins most horrid, but I find being irresponsible (drunk driver!) and inconsiderate (rude pedestrian!) abhorrent and damn depressing.

How to sound arrogant without even trying

A typical speed limit sign in the United State...

Friday morning, a police cruiser cruises passes me at a speed considerably above the speed limit. No his lights are not flashing, and his siren is silent. I seethe because he sets a terrible example for young drivers and apparently for the adult drivers who speed right along with him. ( Yes, I recognize the police cruiser may be piloted by a female officer. )

This same morning, a car of some sort rides my bumper with lights set to bright, so bright I can not see to get out of the car’s way. Yes, I am in the fast lane but I am going 5 miles over the speed limit. Obviously, not fast enough. I seethe.

This afternoon, a car slips by me as I come to a full stop at the yellow light turning to red – at the risk of throwing my 2 Bichon Frise dogs to the front seat floor – no big deal except that a car behind me in the other lane speeds through the almost red light. Again no big deal except a large pick-up truck cruising behind that car deliberately runs the now fully red light without hesitation or guilt, no less. I seethe again.

Hard not to feel “holier-than-thou” in these minor, yet not so minor car situations. Obey the law, people. Or, at least pretend a little better!


I’m excited to announce the soon-to-be-published ANNIE DREAMING, my novel in parallel to METAL MAN WALKING. I hope – yes, hope! – to have it proofed ( again! ) and ready for publication by Friday, September 14th, 2012.

ANNIE DREAMING used to be titled ANNIE’S DREAM. But, this working title never caught my imagination as ANNIE DREAMING has and does.

ANNIE DREAMING follows Annie, Rick, Jim, Judith and the extended Logan family as each deals with the loss of Charlie. ANNIE DREAMING also follows Charlie’s early life in a way which METAL MAN WALKING only hints.


Losing Nothing ( by Carley Evans )

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

(Photo credit: epSos.de)

“Every day, people seek profits for the investments they make in time, in effort, in monies. Every day, some people win — what seems to them — “the whole world.” I’m not sure Jesus equates winning the whole world with loss of one’s soul. Rather, I think Jesus implies one’s focus ought not to be on getting “the whole world”, but on getting a relationship with Him so as to keep one’s soul.” (Carley Evans — hey, that’s me!)

Do you make mistakes? Do even really small mistakes in timing have terrible consequences for you? I imagine your answer is “yes” – or “maybe” – to both questions.

I made a simple mistake this spring that is going to cost me a certain amount of money over the next year. The mistake was simply a momentary distraction that turned out to be extremely unfortunate financially.

Still, tonight I read my own words from GRACE PARTAKERS and realize that compared to sustaining a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, this loss of money is akin to the loss of nothing!

Sharing My Kid ( by Carley Evans )

The lights were out in my room; the dogs were settling down when I heard that little ding from my iPhone [which functions as my alarm clock.] I don’t know why I checked it; I was relatively certain it was a notification from WP and not a text message from my daughter or father or mother [the only people I know who might text me at that hour.]

I reached for my glasses [no! I don’t want to wear contacts; thank you], but couldn’t locate them in the near total darkness. I turned on the standing lamp, put on my now visible glasses and looked at my iPhone. I saw these words [in addition to the content that automatically comes from WP regarding comments]:

“By the way, I got your book this week. I’ll be reading it soon.”

Well, lo and behold, my little heart just lept with joy.

Now, I’ve been steadily selling my novel, METAL MAN WALKING (preview) by hawking it to people I know and to acquaintances and sometimes to total strangers. The online selling, on the other hand, has been slower than a snail’s progress across a hot sidewalk! I knew several someones had recently purchased my book from either Amazon.com or from my e-Store. But who?

Now I know at least one of “the who?”

What is remarkable to me is how much it means to me to sell a copy of METAL MAN WALKING. The feeling is akin to the one you might get while watching your child talk to and play with another child. You’re relieved your child reaches out to another; you’re pleased your child shares himself or herself; you’re glad and proud that’s your kid!

Thanks for reading my kid!

Downtown Memphis (by Carley Evans)

Beale St. Memphis, TN

Beale St. Memphis, TN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fear is one of those — what? — emotions? that confounds life. Before I arrived, several people warned me that downtown Memphis “has some really bad areas” and to “be careful.” I was told that “it’s not safe to walk around Beale Street” or along the “Trolley Line.” So, I rented a car, figuring I’d drive everywhere. Now that I am here, I haven’t used the rental car except to get to the hotel. And, tomorrow I’ll use it to get to the airport.

Yesterday, walking along the Trolley line, I happened on a street festival with live music and balloons. A little further on, I passed “Occupy Memphis” with tents and persons who appeared homeless. Today I witnessed one man ask a couple for money so he might eat a meal. Otherwise, I felt completely safe.

Like I said, fear is one of those — what? — emotions? that confounds life.

Loss ( by Carley Evans )

I was reminded this evening of the sudden loss of my dog, Hanna on February 13, 2011. The reminder came in the form of an online petition from a young woman who lost her dog recently. Her dog and my dog died. She knows her dog was essentially poisoned by a treat manufactured in China for Nestle Purina. I have always suspected my Hanna died of some form of poisoning. I suspected a Nestle Purina product, but testing did not reveal any toxin in the sample.

The petition calls for Nestle Purina to stop the distribution of this particular treat which has been implicated in the deaths of many dogs, I gather.

I haven’t felt the loss of my dog in a while. But tonight, the shocking details of Hanna’s last 24 hours rushed back into my mind’s eye. My little white Bichon Frise suddenly started shaking, her tail between her legs, unable to eat and drink without foaming at the mouth and vomiting. She had constant diarrhea and was barely able to walk. She began to show these signs late Friday night and died sometime late Saturday night or in the early hours of Sunday. The shock was overwhelming.

The memory now is a reflection of the pain of those who are losing dogs to this treat. Consider signing this petition.