Not as Good the Second Time? ( by Carley Evans )

Ever seen a movie you absolutely loved? Of course you have — if you like movies, that is. Ever watch that same movie six months later when it comes out on DVD to discover it’s not as great as you remember? Probably.

The second time around, the movie either bogs down somewhere or clips along at an alarming pace. Moments that were funny the first time aren’t as funny the second time around. Scary happenings are no longer so spooky. And you discover the characters aren’t as fleshed out or engaging as they were the first time you met them.

Happily, this is not true with the Word of God. The second time is better than the first time you discover it. Each time you engage yourself in the Word, you find something new, something you didn’t see before; or something you didn’t fully grasp the first or second or third or even fourth time through. The Word opens up like a blooming flower, each petal more glorious than yesterday’s — a flower that never fades or wilts or dies.

The Word gets better with time.

I’ll Call ( by Carley Evans )

Why do people say what they have no intention to do? My least favorite expression is “I’ll call you.” When I was more naïve than I am now, I actually believed that expression. I thought it was true; that my friend meant what she said. Unfortunately, for her, it was akin to asking “How are you?”

Many many people ask “How are you?” without a thought for the answer which may come. Perhaps the person asked this rhetorical question is sick, dying, lonely, lost, poor, hungry. The words fly out our mouths without care; sometimes we are on the move and have no intention of waiting for the response. We are likely long gone as the answer chases us. Some answers we don’t want to hear; those answers chase us away.

Jesus says, “I tell you this: anything you do for one of My brothers here, however humble, you do for Me.” (Matthew 25:40, NEB)

Lord, let the words of my mouth as well as the meditations of my heart be thoughtful and true. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


Sticks and Stones ( by Carley Evans )

Bet you’ve heard this one — “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” Believe that?

I don’t. I bet you don’t either.

I am someone who loves the written word — the way it looks on the page or Kindle or iPhone or smart phone or iPad or PC or Mac. No matter its location, the written word looks great! I am someone who loves the spoken word — the way it hangs in the space between you and me.

As a weapon, none better exists than the word. As a healing tool, none better exists than the Word of God.

Sticks and stones may break my bones. And yes, words may wound my soul; but God’s Word makes me whole.

Stuck in a Corner ( by Carley Evans )

Jesus, noticing guests picking out the best seats at the table, tells them a familiar story — likely a story reflecting what’s actually happened to some, if not most of them.

The host of a wedding feast invites you. You take the best seat you find, sit down to enjoy your free meal. You are at the bride’s table. Oops. The father of the bride approaches you, tells you in a quiet whisper, if you’d mind moving to that table in the back corner. You sheepishly get up, hoping no one notices. You walk to the back of the room and sit down as inconspicuously as possible. The evening is ruined for you.

Jesus says, why not take the least important spot you find at the wedding feast? Then, the father of the bride — maybe the bride herself — will notice you’re hidden away in a corner and direct you to a better spot. Maybe you won’t wind up sitting at the bride’s table, but neither will you be stuck in a corner.

Dear Heavenly God, help me humble myself before You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

For Jeff ( by Carley Evans )


Those 7 things about me are:

1) I used to spy on people after reading the Louise Fitzhugh novel HARRIET THE SPY. This is how I became a writer.

2) I want(ed) to be an astronaut. I look forward to exploring God’s universe in eternity.

3) The WORD is God Himself revealed on paper via ink. For me, it’s like swimming in love to read Him.

4) I’m both 5’3″ and 5’4″.

5) To honor the women in my family, I changed my legal name late(r) in life — my entire name.

6) Prayer is like breathing — it’s tough to pray naturally when I focus on myself so much.

Thanks again!

Putting on Themes (by Carley Evans)

I’m sure I’ve confused some readers lately, changing themes at least 4 times in the past 48 hours or so. Like putting on clothes for an event, and deciding quite suddenly, “nope, that one doesn’t fit the occasion after all.” So, you peel it off and select another piece from your crammed closet.

This suit fits, I think.

I hope my readers approve. I’m a definite black and white and red girl. I’m a bit smudged, too.

God bless!