Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign


Better to Dream

Back in the same city as last week; no outrage on the road yesterday. Today, sitting in a beautiful hotel room on the 18th floor overlooking the city skyline.; there’s not a cloud in the sky, just some haze from cars and trucks. My daughter has walked to the Japanese consulate to take an English test, then a Japanese test, then a little time for lunch, and finally an interview. She is seeking with much anticipation and hope and longing and dread a scholarship so that she may return to Japan next year in order to study film-making in a Tokyo university and gain her dream.

She was speaking to me yesterday in the car of the lack of dreams that children have in Japan. She said that the dreams of her students (she was teaching English in elementary and middle school in Japan) were pretty much confined to: going to high school or home to sleep.

I don’t have any experience teaching in the United States or any other country for that matter, but somehow I’ve got a feeling that many children around the world are also without dreams.

My daughter is blessed — she has a dream. Now, dreams can be crushed but better to have one than not to have one.

Kim’s test is starting right now. May God bless her with the realization of her dream. In Jesus’ Name, amen!