Word Dance

Word Dance

Carley Eason Evans


Did you know you can

tell yourself “I want to

write a poem;”

and then, you can sit down

at a blank page to write?

What happens at that

moment? Do you know?

I’m not certain but seems

to me words crawl out 

of my fingers to dance 

across a white field. The word

dance is not under my control, 

not exactly. Little black letters

squirm in the snow, and make 

something new, something dark — 

always mysterious, never completely 



2013 March 2


I’m excited to announce the soon-to-be-published ANNIE DREAMING, my novel in parallel to METAL MAN WALKING. I hope – yes, hope! – to have it proofed ( again! ) and ready for publication by Friday, September 14th, 2012.

ANNIE DREAMING used to be titled ANNIE’S DREAM. But, this working title never caught my imagination as ANNIE DREAMING has and does.

ANNIE DREAMING follows Annie, Rick, Jim, Judith and the extended Logan family as each deals with the loss of Charlie. ANNIE DREAMING also follows Charlie’s early life in a way which METAL MAN WALKING only hints.


METAL MAN WALKING now available

I’m so excited. I’ve finally finished proofing my novel METAL MAN WALKING for the umpteenth time — and I’m rather happy with the results. I approved the final proof this morning and just like that, my novel is published.

You may purchase a copy at:

My CreateSpace e-Store!

I’d so very much appreciate some readers! Of course!

Six Days ( by Carley Evans )

Just a note to any Whos out in Whoville that my approximately six day break from ‘obsecrations’ and even ‘Grace Partakers’ has been for the purpose of polishing to shiny my novel METAL MAN WALKING in preparation for publishing with CreateSpace for selling on Amazon.com and other venues in cyberspace.

Don’t you love the run-on sentence?

Writers Write

I just — yes, just this moment — confess that although I seek to bring glory to You, O God; I also want my writings to be read. After all, writers write to be read. Not much point in word-craft, otherwise.

Thank You, dear Heavenly Father, for the gift of word-craft. This is a gift You gave me from a young age; one that completely failed to impress the LSAT, but one that makes me happier than any other gift You’ve bestowed. Thanks for forgiving me for my failings, my faults, and my sins. In Jesus’ Name, amen.